[ Luxury online florist, Bloom have partnered up with mental health charity Mental Health UK ahead of Mother’s Day and will be donating 10 percent of every order placed in March. ]


Let’s be honest, everybody loves flowers – even those that are allergic! They have a unique way of instantly making you feel better and are one of the core elements when marking any occasion, whether happy or sad! But did you know, that aside from their beauty, what makes flowers even more amazing is their ability to scientifically contribute to your well-being and actually improve it.

There are multiple reasons why flowers are a solid way of helping you improve your mental health; below we discuss just a few of them.


1. Uplift Your Mood

Research has shown that the impact of flowers can last not just for moments but for days – brightening your mood, boosting your energy and just giving you an overall feel-good feeling.

Flowers are known to chase away anxieties and worries by making people feel less depressed, troubled or agitated. This is linked to their colour, smell or even the act of giving or receiving flowers.


2. Promote Better Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical and mental well-being. Without it you can have trouble making decisions, solving problems or coping with change. Emotions can also very quickly become out of control.

Flowers are proven to lower stress and anxiety levels, induce peacefulness, improve sleep and lower heart rate which makes them ideal additions to the bedroom.


3. Boost Productivity

Because flowers reduces stress and aid relaxation, it can make way for your brain to improve it’s innovative thinking, boost creativity and memory, increase your problem solving and ideas, boost your mental well-being and help with healing.

Flowers also benefit your health in a work environment as they improve air quality by increasing the amount of oxygen and moisture in the air and removing certain toxins which in turn increases your brain power! 

Whichever reason speaks out to you, Mother’s Day is a good time as any to show your loved ones how special they are to you just with a simple gesture of kindness that goes a long, long way – gifting them flowers.


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